February 9, 2012


Here we have it: my second roll of self-developed 120 film, and third roll through my Yashica overall...hard to believe that as of today I've had the camera for over a month and have taken exactly 36 photos with it. Ignore the awful band of slop running down the righthand side of all the images...I've taken note to treat my negatives with more patience and kindness in the future.
These photos span the past two weekends: part of the photo outing with Porter at the end of January and this past weekend at Evin's house. The film used was Kodak Tri-X 400 (I sure hope sometime soon I can keep straight the difference between T-Max and Tri-X...why must they have such similar names?). This roll, like the last, was "scanned" using my digital camera and computer screen as a backlight...a method I really hate, but it's better than nothing and I'm really trying to wait a little while before purchasing a proper scanner.  When I finish the roll of film I'm halfway through in my Nikon N80, I'm hoping to develop that, along with the first roll through my new Minolta (finished this past weekend also), all at once, making the most of my remaining chemicals and film.
To come later today: Things I Love Thursday (usually a morning post, but this morning we have black and white images instead).


  1. They are all wonderful!! Looks like you shot them thru a screen?

    1. They look that way because I held them up to my computer screen and shot a (digital) photo of each negative (since I don't have a scanner) and that's the way a monitor looks up close and zoomed in!


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