February 25, 2012

first roll: minolta x700, part 1

Exactly two months after Christmas I'm posting the first roll from my Minolta X700, which was a gift from Evin.  First of all, it didn't arrive in time for Christmas and I didn't receive it until late January, at which point I immediately loaded it with a 36 exposure roll of film...which took awhile to shoot, and then I delayed developing it because I didn't have a means of scanning anyway...
But here it is, the first roll through the camera.  I shot it with Kentmere 400 film which I developed myself in D76 the other day in conjunction with another roll of film.  I scanned it the other day and realized that I really need to reevaluate the way I treat my negatives...hellooo, water spots, lint, and sprocket holes.  Not that I mind terribly right now, but it would probably be a good idea to get in the habit of doing things the right way.  There are also some weird bands of light on some of the photos, which I'm unsure about...when I shoot a roll of color film maybe I'll determine that they're light leaks or something but since black and white lacks that telltale orange or yellow stripe...right now I'm just not sure!
So, here's the first half of the roll.  I started it on that weekend outing with Porter and then there are a few randoms tacked on the end.  I'll share the other half soon...36 photos in one post just seems overwhelming at the moment.

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