February 12, 2011

record shopping

Today, Evin and I drove up to Roanoke to check out what we heard was one heck of a collection of records for sale.  The place is called Happy's Flea Market and when we got there, we weren't really sure what it was going to be like...but the first thing I saw when I walked in was thousands of records in boxes lining a wall.  Boxes so full you could hardly flickr through the contents.  Then, a sign, pointing around the corner into "The Record Shop," full of CDs, video game cartridges for every imaginable console (and some consoles too), DVDs, and of course...records.  Up front and organized by artist were the popular, high dollar items--Rolling Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd--so we jumped on that first.  Evin found a copy of Sticky Fingers (missing the zipper) for $14 right away and picked it up.  There were copies of high dollar records that would sell for much more on the internet, but we didn't pick much out from that section.  The man at the desk told us we could go browse the $2 section if we left our selections with him--through a door to the left, every single record was $2.  There were tens of thousands.  There was some form of order but not really and I wouldn't even dare think how long it would take to thoroughly scour the stacks.  We came across multiple copies of so many albums and I wished the whole time that my mom was there to tell me what was good and what wasn't.  I think we did ok though--we obviously didn't go through everything, but what we did find (/what we've listened to so far) was definitely worth it.
We got 11 records in all (my purchases in bold)
  • Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
  • Billy Joel Glass Houses
  • The Outfield Play Deep
  • The Hollies Distant Light
  • Joe Walsh “But Seriously Folks…”
  • CCR Green River
  • Eagles Greatest Hits
  • Electric Light Orchestra Out of the Blue
  • Al Green Let’s Stay Together
  • Bruce Springsteen Born in the U.S.A.
  • America America

Evin's selection

Evin's selection (backs)

My selection

My selection (backs)

The growing collection

Dead Flowers

(I took some photos on film inside the flea market, but probably won't be seeing those for a while...they'll be posted when I get them developed though!)

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  1. Love these pics and good choices, we have several of those!


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