February 4, 2011

canon sureshot, second roll

Another film post today?  Guess so.  Snapfish seems to be pretty unpredictable lately but they posted the scans from a roll of film I sent out Tuesday morning to their site this afternoon so I figured I'd post 'em.  These were shot with the Canon I got at Goodwill for 3 bucks several weeks ago (this post) but this time it seems like it didn't perform as nicely as it did last time.  Oh well, how much can one really expect from a thrift store point and shoot?


Cheesy face

A warm January day

Do you know how much it bothers me that my knees are in this?

Blurry new plant babies

Morning: Awake tea, a peanut butter cup, an Abbytryagain bookmark, and some lighthearted reading from "Unsustainable"

Winter rain...or something like that

So mad this is blurry.  Supposed to be of some pretty Alstromeria that I desperately wanted to buy for myself in Kroger.  

Pretty sure I took this from the same distance in relation to the flowers, and of course this one was in focus (albeit blurry from camera shake).  I don't even like these flowers D:

BABY ROSES!  These are the kind that Evin bought me :)

Don't worry, it didn't really snow.  It was just pretending.
14000 things to be happy about

Something I'm always happy about: flipping over the grilled cheese to the perfect level of toastiness (on the first try)

Plant babies and their shadows


Pinot Noir


Throwing Evin's clothes into the hall because...?

Always tasteful Valentine's display

Film swap

First fast food in a month.  Went to take a photo and Evin said "Karly...that isn't art"

Whistling teapot
Canon Sureshot 60zoom, Fuji 200 film

Few--if any--of these are "good" photos, but almost all of them were taken for posterity's sake, things I like and things I want to remember, for me and no one else.


  1. as blurry as some of these are, they're all still interesting. :)

    i have a roll of b&w film from when I was in college taking a film developing class, i still need to get it developed because i ended up dropping out [sad]. i have no idea what's even on the film, it's from '07. for some reason i'm so nervous to get it done so i still haven't!

  2. I love that window plants shadow picture!


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