February 18, 2011

cross-country film swap!

I swapped film with Katie this winter.  She shot a roll of Kodak 200 in sunny California and mailed it to me to shoot in cold, wintry Virginia.  Ideally, I would have had all the glorious snow that we got last winter to really contrast the bright sunny happy California halves of the photos, but mother nature didn't quite cooperate with me.  Still, the photos are finally developed and I'm really pleased with the results!  We both shot with Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim clones (made by Superheadz--hers black, mine white, which I think is kind of funny).  I've swapped film twice now and it's so much fun--looking forward to doing it more!
The photos are all jumbled up and out of order for some reason...but I brought them all into Aperture and tweaked the blacks and the white balance so they didn't look so blah (as we know, Snapfish scans aren't the prettiest things).  The exposures are fairly well lined up, but you can tell on every photo to the left that my shots didn't exactly line up with hers.  It could be worse--I swapped film with Holly in the fall and we used different cameras (her, a Holga 135, me, a Nikon N80) and each of my photos had two different halves of hers.  Additionally, Katie's exposures seem to show up stronger than mine--my guess is because of better sunlight in California?  Ah, well, experimentation!


  1. hmm, thought i had already commented on these... but i like them! i want to do a cross-country film swap, i'm disappointed the person i traded with in nyc never followed through with her part and kept my film :[

    it's neat how the frames almost lined up for you guys!


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