February 14, 2011


Saturday morning I walked into my apartment to find this little setup.  SO cute!

Then we went record shopping in Roanoke (see previous post)

Flippin' through

Records.  Everywhere.

14 Hands Merlot (08) 
Evin cooked up some yummy spaghetti (I love spaghetti, what can I say) and bread with garlic butter he made himself!
We played Scrabble and it wasn't as easy as I remembered it being
We ran out of wine and I discovered in the freezer that there was just enough Jager to make 2 Jagerbombs...might as well while I'm still in college, right? (Plus I think Red Bull tastes disgusting on its own and there's a bunch of that in my fridge...gotta use it up :P)
Pink tulips instead of roses.  I'm still tickled by his choice of this unique, happy, springy bouquet :)

Sprinkles galaxy

Then Sunday morning we decided to hike the Cascades in hopes of finding the waterfall still frozen.  The weather was warm and we didn't see much ice to begin with but the further up the trail, the icier the creek (and the path) became.  This is one of my favorite spots along the trail...
At the falls.  Of course I didn't really take a good photo of the falls with my digital camera...I believe there are some sitting inside my film camera though so they'll be seen at some point.
Just a quick one with my point and shoot

In love with my tulips, okay
They're so springy!
With a card from Mom and Dad :)

Crammed in the vase I got for my birthday a few years ago
Ok well there you have it!  Valentine's weekend in pictures.  Like I said, I shot a whole roll of film this weekend too so when I get around to taking it in for processing, I'll be posting them (really excited to see the photos, actually).  This post took forever to make for whatever reason so I'm glad it's done! 


  1. CUTEST VALENTINE'S DAY DATE! Homecooked meals are so much better/more thoughtful than restaurant ones, in my opinion :)

    Anywayyy, I hope you brought the UWS to the falls ;)

  2. 1. gorgeous flowers
    2. you are making me hungry
    3. i'm jealous that you got to go to cascades and that it was indeed icy


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