February 1, 2011


Evin bought me a pretty bouquet of little teeny hot pink roses yesterday after plenty of begging and pleading and bad moods from me (not bad moods about flowers, bad moods about other things).  He's not usually the type to get me flowers (I think this is the third bouquet of flowers I've gotten from him in 3 and a half years) which might explain why he didn't think he needed to stick them in water when he got them home...anyway, they're pretty and adorable but today I discovered that some of their necks are already droopy.  Having taken Floral Design last semester, I remembered my professor saying something about submerging stems with bent necks in a bathtub of warm water.  You might be able to guess what I spent some time doing this afternoon, but if you can't guess, well, you'll see...

 The following photos were taken with my waterproof point and shoot, all from inside the bathtub.  I like playing in the water, what can I say?

After all this, it really does feel like February!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love the first one from the Pentax, and the focus of the last one from your D80!

  2. hot damn, picture number 5 is AMAZING!


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