February 20, 2011

tilt-shift experimentation

I finally built a tilt-shift lens this weekend after wanting to do so for months.  I've been playing with detached lenses (reverse-lens macro and freelensing) for a while but wanted a better solution for tilt-shift stuff.  I ordered the components but when they had all arrived, I was bogged down with schoolwork and had to wait until the weekend.  I followed this tutorial (a friend, who built his own tilt-shift lens in the fall, sent it to me) and used the same lens shown in the tutorial (Bronica 75mm f2.8).  
I've played with the lens a bit but it will be a while before I master it.  Guessing at exposure is tricky, as is making sure the focus is correct.  It's definitely a lot of fun and I look forward to being able to play with it when I'm not feeling rushed (I took it to the frisbee golf course and on a walk around the duck pond with Evin and his parents--both times I didn't really have the opportunity to stop and focus).

This was actually before I built the tilt-shift mechanism...just freelensing with the Bronica lens.

Same situation--just freelensing

Last one freelensing

Frisbee golf

Heh...doesn't really look very tilt-shift, but I was just playing around

Weird processing

Duck pond

Miniature geese

One of my favorites

Stopped down to f5.6 (more weird processing)

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  1. WHOA! These turned out so well! What was the total cost for the lens? I love the quality of the bokeh on the frisbee golf photos--it creates this really awesome sense of movement.


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