February 9, 2011

early february snapshots

Just some random digital stuff from the last week or so (all shot in my apartment cause my D80 hasn't seen the outdoors in forever teeheewhoops).

the nifty fifties

taco pizza before...

...and after!

Superbowl noms


So much love for this photo.  It's framed on my dresser.  It looks normal in real life of course but I took a photo of it while I was screwing around with freelensing

Tazo assortment pack.  Awake is my go-to every morning, but I decided to try some new things too (plus...COLORS!)


  1. you have such great lighting in your apartment!

    guh, mine is dreadfully awful.

  2. i love the double exposed one, i can't believe you did that in camera! i wonder if mine has a feature like that and i just don't play with the settings enough to know it. what lens did you use for that first picture?

  3. :) the multiple exposure feature is a pretty neat one that I'm actually surprised I have on such an "old" camera. I believe I shot the first couple of images with my 50mm...


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