February 4, 2011

ultra wide and slim, second roll

Finally received prints back from Snapfish from my second roll of film I shot through the Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim.  Had to finish it up so I'd be ready to start shooting the roll Katie sent me to double expose (photos will definitely be shared from that when I've finished...)
This roll, though, was shot during December and January in mostly crappy weather I guess (however, I'm still waiting on some real snow to photograph!)

I swear the lens on this thing is so wide that stuff shows up when I don't want it to be (the lens isn't connected to the viewfinder, which isn't as wide as the lens I guess).  Hence the side of the car door to the right...

All shot with Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim on Fuji 400 film

I managed to squeeze 27 exposures out of a 24 exposure roll---haven't done that in a while :P


  1. I LOVE THESEEEE. The row of evergreens, the shoes on the powerlines, and the field with the horses?cows?sheep? are my favourites

  2. i love the puddle reflection one! and all the trees at the end of that field.


  3. i love the ones on the bottom, but my favorite is the reflection of the trees in the puddles!


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