December 17, 2010

wintry mix

As previously promised, I got sick of this blog in a little over a week.  HAHA!  No, I didn't get sick of it, but I had finals Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday keeping me from blogging and then had to get out of Blacksburg like a bat out of hell before a bunch of snow stranded me there.  Evin and I packed up as quickly as possible and left to get to his house to stay the night, and I left early yesterday morning to come the rest of the way home.  I had to drive in the snow a bit, so I was doing about 45 on I81 the whole way, but I got home eventually, and it's glorious to be done with the semester.  I've still got a big essay to write over break from my field study over the summer, but meh.  Maybe after Christmas.
Anyway, I haven't been taking too too many photos, but I still have some I guess I could post.
Frozen duckpond

180 flip multiple exposure (which has been Explored on Flickr?  meeeh)

Instead of studying...

I actually like this one better...

There are about 10 pairs of shoes hanging from the lines in front of this house

Actually from December 1.  Oops



Also instead of studying
And, Wednesday after my last final, my camera collection grew.  My friend Zach gave me his old film camera from high school photography class!  A Nikon EM complete with E-series 50mm f1.8.  And a functioning internal light meter.  It's a more basic camera than the Konica I've been using, but if I really think about it, I prefer shooting aperture priority (the Konica is either shutter priority or fully manual) anyway :D  It's teeny and fits nicely in my bag.  I'm shooting a roll as quickly as I can to take to Costco to be processed.  Excited :)

All digital photos, taken with Nikon D80


  1. haha, those shoes! that's on progress street isn't it? at least there is something on the corner of progress and turner streets right near my house like that. i tried to take a picture of them, but i wasn't happy with the number of shoes i could get in there with my 50mm lens :]

  2. yes yes yes! i've been meaning to take a photo of them for a long time, before they get taken down...i need to go back (i'm not entirely satisfied with the number of hanging shoes i could capture with my 35mm lens either :P)


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