December 12, 2010

the weekend before finals

I managed my time poorly, but I took a lot of photos that I like.
Saturday we didn't do much of anything.  Got up too late, laid around, picked up my unsold art from the XYZ gallery and had some tea at Bollo's (mostly cause I wanted to take a few pictures of their window display but didn't want to do so before I bought something) and then went to the gym for the first time in a long time with Evin.  Gotta get in shape for St. Thomas over spring break!  Today I studied for my Tuesday final until I had to go to work, and here we are now--just posting this real quick so I can get back to studying for that final plus the one I have in the morning (floral design wheeee).  I keep bouncing back and forth between confidence and panic--these are finals, but none of them are cumulative or worth any more than my other exams that I've taken in these classes.  They're just like normal tests, really, but I should still be studying more than I am...
(birds are my favorite)

Out of focus but somehow appealing to me

Definitely employing a similar decorating technique when I own a home

(loving evergreens lately)

Just peering in the greenhouses, you know

This has some sort of charm I can't explain

All photos digital, taken with Nikon D80

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