December 10, 2010

ultra wide and slim, november/december 2010

Last Christmas, Evin ordered me a lime green seatbelt camera strap and a little plastic wide angle camera from Photojojo.  Unfortunately, the little camera (which we decided we'd share, since I'd gotten a wide angle lens for my digital camera for Christmas) got misplaced/decided to hide for quite a while...and a few months ago, I remembered it and decided I wanted to play with it but it was nowhere to be found.  Then suddenly it turned up and I spent a couple of weeks finishing up the original roll of Kodak 800 that Photojojo so kindly sent along with the camera.  The scans were finally posted a few minutes ago to my Snapfish account, but as excited as I was for these pictures, I'm a little underwhelmed.  None of them are particularly good photos, of course, (as in, there's no brilliant composition or anything) and I'm not used to working with a fixed shutter speed/aperture camera (though I'd like to become more familiar).  I'll definitely keep shooting it, since it's a fun little camera to keep in my purse, but I think I need to reserve it for bright sunny days, even when shooting something as quick as 800...  I kinda wish it had a flash, but for $30 I guess I shouldn't expect much.  Oh, and sadly, the first photos we took with it last winter didn't show up in the scans.  Not sure why--whether it was due to the fact that maybe the photos were shot in low light or that somehow they were indiscernible since they were shot a year ago?  I don't know enough about film behavior to be able to explain it.  Anyway, without further ado...


let it bleed


hey it's me!

flower cupcake

botanical gardens

early evening

lol cabbages?

christmas trees
All film, shot with Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim on Kodak Gold 800

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