December 7, 2010

disposable fall

I've found quite a number of (expired) disposable cameras lying around at home and have decided to try shooting them and having them processed.  This past spring I actually took one or two over to Walgreens for processing--they were almost full when I found them, I finished them off with some random shots and had them developed.  Most of the photos, both new and old, were indiscernible (or so I can assume--Walgreens didn't bother printing them.  I have to gather this from the negatives) which was sort of disappointing.  Snapfish, on the other hand, seems to want to print anything and everything (which is nice, since I pay a flat fee for developing) so I think any disposable cameras I find from now on will be sent their way.  The best part is I don't have to come face-to-face with anyone, so if there are embarrassing old photos on the cameras, I don't have to see the photo-tech when receiving the prints :P
Anyway, none of that is REALLY relevant.  This post is supposed to be about the disposable camera I shot this fall, one I found unused in a box with the "process by date" printed on the bottom as 05/2006.  Not knowing what in the world the results would be, I shot it over the course of a few months and finally finished it up for processing last week.  The results were posted yesterday...

All film, taken with an expired Fujifilm disposable camera loaded with 800 XTRA film

The verdict?  These photos aren't the greatest, but for some reason I can't resist the lo-fi, nostalgic charm (reminds me of my childhood when my mom would send me to camp with a couple of disposables that I'd inevitably fill up with worthless crap).  The little things are cheap (I think Walmart has cheap Fuji ones--perhaps without a flash--for like $2.97) and fun to keep in your purse (since I have a purse I actually like to carry now--that's for another post) so I think I'll keep using them! 

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  1. I want to get a job developing film on the side... not only would I get to do my own photos and could take pictures of whatever I want, but I would also get to snoop around and spy on other people's pictures. Oh and the side $$ would be a nice perk as well :]


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