December 30, 2010

some film

Got three rolls of film processed at Costco on Sunday and I'm so happy with the's really nice to have good prints come back to you after all that waiting once in a while (the quality I've experienced through Snapfish has been mediocre but I deal with it because of the price).  My 365 project ends tomorrow so the urgency of my film processing will be somewhat gone (the impatience will still be there, though) so I'm going to try to save my rolls whenever possible to be processed when I can come home and go to Costco with my parents (the price is comparable to Snapfish and the quality is far superior).  Anyway, here are photos from a 36exposure roll shot with my Konica (photos from my newest film baby to come later).

*there's a good chance most of these will end up on Flickr anyway because I love them a lot, but here they all are together, anyway

All taken with Konica FT-1 Motor on Four Corner Store ISO 200 film

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  1. Those are awesome Karly... I like the snow one, the snow boots, and the one under those too so much!


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