December 28, 2010


A week ago, I did my very first set of portraits--officially.  A friend wanted to give her boyfriend a few photos of her for Christmas but didn't want to break the bank so we got together to take a few.  I'm very inexperienced as far as portraits are concerned, and have no idea how to direct people, but I'm fairly happy with several of the shots that came out of it all.  She brought her dog along which I think really helped, since shooting someone alone seems like such a scary thing.

All digital, taken with Nikon D80 


  1. Beautiful collection! These all seem very natural and relaxed. I think that is the key to doing portraits for both the model and photographer. Let your model be as 'normal' as possible and just let your shooting instincts take over. Your location provides a nice variety of settings. Having the dog could be risky, but in these shots it was excellent. I love the one with the dog looking in the window. My favorite of these is the one in the tree. You did a great job! I hope you continue to do these.


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