December 9, 2010

reading day

Today was reading day, meaning no classes, but instead of actually using it for its intended purpose, I did a whole bunch of nothing. I greatly enjoyed the light in my living room for a little while (more accurately, I enjoyed the way my flowers and Alice in Wonderland cup caught the sun), and then Evin and I got Panera for breakfast, Cabo Fish Taco for lunch, and went to Christiansburg so he could buy a few things. Then we played some Call of Duty (it's been determined that I should stick to games with cartoon animations) and I went to a study abroad reunion get-together (but not after hastily taking a 25 days of Christmas photo), and here we are now. Not much studying got done, but I enjoyed my day.

I'm not usually one for margaritas, but this Pomarita was pretty yummy

Day 9

All digital, taken with Nikon D80

Ps-I put film in the post Monday morning, destination: Snapfish's processing lab.  I thought maybe the scans would be online today, but they weren't, so hopefully tomorrow!  The roll was the first I'd put through my (/Evin's?) Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim--really excited to see how that little thing performs.


  1. That second photo is epic. Really...I love it.
    It sounds like you had a nice relaxing day. =)

  2. I love those flower pictures!

    I swear, I feel like such a failure with this 25 days of Christmas thing. I am keeping up with it, but I keep looking back and getting mad at myself b/c I don't really like the pictures I took for it. Oh well, at least it has me feeling confident for started 365 on New Years!


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