December 11, 2010

silent night at the xyz gallery

Last night was the XYZ Silent Night silent auction.  A variety of local art in all mediums was displayed (for sale) in the cute little gallery along with festive decorations.  I submitted some of my photographs in hope of selling them (less for the money and more for the reassurance that people might be interested in purchasing my stuff) and 3 of the 6 had bids.  I'm happy!  There was a lot of interesting work on display (and some weird stuff I'd never spend my money on) and I'm glad I ended up going (after debating for a long time about it).  Took some pictures, of course...

My photos!

Shot from the hip cause I'm self conscious about my camera sometimes

Evin bought me a cupcake :)
All digital, taken with Nikon D80

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