November 29, 2012

things i love thursday

I should have done this last week on Thanksgiving, as it's a combination "things I love" and "things I'm grateful for" post, but I was out of town and more or less taking a break from the computer and posting on my blog didn't really seem pressing or important...
  • inspiration.  I am realizing that it is important to take time to be inspired, through beautiful photos, blogs, magazines...seeing lovely things others have created lights a fire under me and makes me want to get out and do something of my own.
  • photos by Michael Melford (particularly his Glacier set in the National Geographic tab on his site.  A whole new rush of wanderlust...) 
  • Cypress trees (above).  We visited my grandparents in Arkansas, my first time at their house in many years, but I remembered fishing in nearby lakes among trees covered in spanish moss and growing right out of the water and wanted to go back.  I was not disappointed.  They seem otherworldly are are so fascinating!
  • Zenfolio.  I created an account and am loving how easy it is to upload images to share with anyone in a simple and, if necessary, password-protected way.  Also really excited to finally have a comprehensive print gallery (which gives me an excuse to go through photos from past vacations and dream of traveling again).  Right now I have best-of Ireland, France and New England posted!
  • My support system.  I am so, so thankful to have people who support my photography efforts because it keeps me working hard (even when I am too hard on myself).  Big hugs to all of you!! 
  • The collection on  I only found out about it because the curator kindly asked if she could use one of my photos in a future collection, and now I'm totally hooked!  I really love sets of similar photos and she chooses some of the loveliest things.

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