November 7, 2012

my favorite things, on film

I guess I have favorite things to photograph.  Apples, flowers, my dog.  Shocking?  Not one bit.
One thing that's obvious is that I need to work on my focusing.  I don't remember having troubles with it in the past, but it seems like with this new-to-me Konica FS-1 body I've run into some troubles.  Perhaps the viewfinder?  It only happens for some photos (often of Evin and Finley!  Huh!) but I want to figure it out!
Hey--if you get a second, check out my Etsy!  I opened it on Monday in hopes of getting rid of a few things and making a little money (Evin and I are buying a house!!  Like right now!).  Click here!  :)

1 comment:

  1. I love the one where Finley has a really long shadow


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