November 9, 2012

megan & jim / married!

Megan asked me over a year ago if I would shoot her wedding, when taking photos of people still scared the living daylights out of me.  I eventually agreed (I talked more about this in the post with their engagement photos back in August), and a few weeks ago on a beautiful October afternoon, she and Jim tied the knot!  Their wedding was held at a historic inn surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves and cheery sunflowers in all the bouquets (you know how I love those types of flowers!).  It was my very first wedding on my own and boy, did I underestimate the amount of physical work that goes into shooting all day!  I could hardly walk the next day but nobody really believed that I could be so sore just from taking photos ;)
I just love the genuinely happy expressions in so many of the above photos.  Of course, this is a very small sampling...there are a few more on my Facebook and plenty more for the bride & groom :)

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