December 3, 2012

thanksgiving in the south. part 2

And part 2 of the film from our Thanksgiving trip.  There are two or so more photos on a third roll of film that has yet to be developed but essentially this is it.

  1. We brought a bushel or so of apples from VA to my grandparents.  They usually buy some when they visit us in the fall, always from Roy's Orchard, but since we were going to them this year we went to Roy's ourselves.  The array we selected looked like a rainbow in the box :)
  2. The street they live on is very, very quiet.
  3. We shot lots of guns down into the bayou.
  4. Those purple rows again
  5. The bayou
  6. Thanksgiving table with the floral/leaf arrangement I threw together
  7. Coffee can lids as shooting targets, didn't anticipate that bright flare when composing the picture, haha
  8. Visited Portland...but not the one you're thinking of ;)
  9. Grandpa harvesting his kale
  10. Kale & turnips
  11. Wilmot, AR
  12. Loved this rooster a lot, couldn't tell you why?
PS I know I'm not posting much here, but I do post quite a bit on Instagram @daisyjars ;)

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