November 5, 2012

as the air gets colder

A mix of Polaroids from the last month.  My computer has been away from my scanner for a few weeks so no image digitization had been taking place...until this morning (it's a pain to haul this 27inch monitor all around the house).  

I'm still working hard on the wedding photos from a few weekends ago and doing magazine shoots for the winter issue (can't WAIT for it to come out!) so my own personal stuff has taken a backseat.  But, strangely enough, looking through my own old photos sort of gives me a little inspiration to shoot for myself again.  I have a nearly-finished roll of 35mm to drop off for processing, which has been in my camera for probably a month or more, so at least that's something (and of course I'm always shooting stuff with my phone, even though I am more or less opposed to phoneography as a legitimate thing).  

Anyway, some Polaroids, and don't mind the focus on some of them as I am guessing at distances to set the lens.  Still learning :)

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