November 28, 2012

thanksgiving in the south, part 1

We took an 18 hour drive down to Arkansas to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving.  Things are very different down there and I tried to catalog the flat landscape and agricultural nature with my Yashica Mat.  This is the first roll...

  1. Bayou street, aptly named as a quick jaunt over the hill lands you right in the bayou
  2. The town cemetery with a beautiful tree in the middle of it
  3. Field rows covered in a particular type of purple-flowered weed
  4. Lake Enterprise at midday, with its enchanting landscape of cypress trees and Spanish moss
  5. The farm where we bought 80lbs of sweet potatoes
  6. Crates and crates of potatoes
  7. A peculiar layer of fog obscuring the sun as it rises
  8. Misty Lake Enterprise at dawn
  9. Cypress trees are so wild, aren't they?
  10. Reddish in the fall
  11. Lake Wilson
  12. Residual cotton in piles on the ground

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