November 8, 2012


  • my new iPhone!!  Finally joined the club.  Loving how beautiful and fast it is.
  • Bejeweled Blitz (often on said phone)...which I should say is more of an addiction than a love.  Shameful.
  • this ^ beautiful box of macarons!  A friend dropped them off for me to photograph and they're so pretty I never want to eat them...except I do because they all sound SO good (six different flavors!)
  • Etsy...I will go broke shopping on there if I'm not careful.  Evin and I will soon be moving into our first house (!!!) and I desperately want to decorate it with every sweet watercolor print and cutesy thing I find. (plus...psst...I just opened up a shop!)
  • nasone's photostream on Flickr.  He makes beautiful, inspiring photos all around the world with a handful of film cameras (and can develop color film beautifully from what I've seen!)
  • the fact that the election is finally over!!

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