October 31, 2012

october squares

This roll has been sitting on my computer for weeks.  So neglectful of this blog...sigh.  I have a wedding to edit which I've been doing bits of here and there, but for the past couple of days we've been terrorized by super-storm Sandy and my computer remained off for fear of a power surge/outage.  So anyway.
Here are photos.  Storm has passed, time to get stuff done.
This was my first roll of Kodak Portra.  Evin got me a box of it for my birthday.  The colors came out perhaps a little differently than I expected, but I guess that's partly because of the lab.  I don't mind it much.
In other news, my iPhone 5 comes today.  I have been wanting an iPhone for years, but at the time of my last upgrade I couldn't get one from Verizon.  I waited for the 5, and I ordered it a month ago...it arrived at my house yesterday but nobody heard the door (I wasn't here) and so it didn't get delivered because a signature was required.  I'll get it today...CAN'T WAIT.  SO MUCH INSTAGRAMMING.

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