May 23, 2012

work hard, play hard

As you can see from the above photos, we played pretty hard this weekend...Friday and Saturday, at least.    A "Lube Tube" at Quaker Steak and Lube (100 oz of beer w/ a mini tap so you can share) and Irish Car Bombs (can't believe I managed to do one) Friday night, and wine/beer tasting Saturday after a shoot for the magazine at Jefferson's Monticello that morning.  Sunday we took a hike, which was tiring in its own way, and relaxed with red raspberry ice cream cones to wrap up the weekend.
I'm looking forward to this weekend, provided it doesn't's Memorial Day weekend at the lake which means summer is pretty much here!

PS the last few photos are from the drive home Monday...I'm beginning to wonder why any foggy-type photos I take with my Minolta and get processed at the lab in town end up with that harsh, bluish hue...and the grain on many of these photos confuses me too, as this was Kodak ProImage 100 film...

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