May 24, 2012

things i love thursday

  • we depart for Ireland in exactly two weeks!  AHHHH!!!
  • long weekends like the one coming up...first swims at the lake?  
  • blog that posts obviously false facts in Comic Sans and then entertains reblogs from people who think the blog owner is being serious.  SO hysterical to me.
  • the Lowepro Photo Sport 200AW...I bought one in orange (!) last week for our trip.  I think it's going to be perfect...great storage for my DSLR with a big pocket for rain jacket, extra cameras O:-) and all the other daily essentials.  Plus its bright color means I'll be harder to lose when I lag behind to take photos!
  • tanlines.  The high school me probably would have never said it, and I guess I'm still not fond of farmer's tans, but I'm working on some pretty neat sandal tanlines and all I have to say about that is YAY SUNSHINE!

1 comment:

  1. I love when you introduce me to fun new Tumblrs! And I'm so jealous of your trip, I can't wait to see the pics when you return!


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