May 31, 2012

test roll

A little good fortune put this camera in my hands after I discovered my Konica FT-1 motor was broken once and for all (ripped the sprocket holes in the last roll of film I tried to shoot with it).  I of course have my Minolta x700, my lovely Christmas gift from Evin, but I've been getting some wonky results from it recently which I guess are due to a combination of light leaks and maybe the lens.  I shot this roll over the weekend at the lake and I guess it's these gorgeous Hexanon lenses that made me fall in love with 35mm film in the first place (being that the FT-1 was the first film SLR I used).  So happy to have a camera to shoot them with...this roll almost makes me want to deal with the extra hassle of bringing this camera with me to Ireland in a week (!!!!!!) (but I won't...I'm already packing heavily enough!)

1 comment:

  1. It did turn out really well! I love Finley always and the light on the water in that first shot is so pretty!


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