May 1, 2012


I put this roll of film in my Canon Sureshot last fall but a few photos into the roll, I started to run into an error message and couldn't take photos.  The camera was $3 at the thrift store so I wasn't going to be heartbroken if it didn't work, but I was bummed to be losing a 36exp roll of film (cause I get bummed about stuff like that).  One weekend, though, Evin looked at it and determined that nothing was wrong with it, just the lens wasn't extending quite far enough...he pulled on it and everything was fine.  I'd removed the partially shot film before this repair, so I went into my "black room" (the bathroom) and pulled the film leader out, loaded it back up, and shot black frames of the first five or six images to advance the film to where it was when the camera stopped working.  As you can see above, those frames and everything that came after them indicate that the camera is doing fine!  (I didn't include all 36 images because some were just silly)
I think I'll get this little guy a new battery and keep toting it does a pretty nice job when you catch it on the right day ;) (see buttercup photo: good day.  First fog photo and lilac photo: not good days. It focuses when it feels like it!)

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  1. Yay for fixing cameras! :) I was all confused and thought that was the spring game for a sec, duh you didn't go to that.


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