May 3, 2012


  • kind strangers who will take the time to help a person in need
  • my 85mm lens (see above)
  • VSCO film (see above) :o)
  • the smell of summer (specifically, honeysuckle, honey locust, grass)
  • hairties from Mane Message (I can use the same elastic hairtie for months, so spending a little more on something cute and functional (isn't supposed to leave creases in hair or wrist) was ok with me)
  • a weekend treat--I still haven't made the blog post yet, but Evin and I spent last weekend at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.  It was FANCY.  We aren't used to such deluxe hospitality and it was such a lovely treat!
  • Eggs Jefferson, which we had during our Sunday brunch at the's their version of Eggs Benedict, only served on a biscuit rather than an English muffin (gotta love southern food).  I'd never had any sort of Eggs Benedict before but this was sooo tasty.  Kinda want to make it this weekend! 

1 comment:

  1. I love those hair ties, they are so cute! Soon I'm going to break down and buy an 85 lens too (probably around the same time I get the negative scanner).


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