May 7, 2012


AHH!!  So last Thursday was quite the day.  On the way home from work, I stopped along the side of the road and got some daisies for my first daisy jar of the year.  So exciting, right?  Upon arriving home, I was in a hurry to drop the dog off and head to my hair appointment (where I ended up having quite a bit of hair chopped off...but that's not really the point here) but caught a glimpse of a package sitting against the garage door marked with red stickers.  I wasn't expecting a package that day, but upon closer inspection the red stickers said FRAGILE and the box was addressed to me...from Mr. Mark Hama.  Inside was my healed and beautiful Yashica Mat!
I'd packaged it up and sent it away just a week and a day before, destined for his repair shop in Georgia.  I couldn't believe...and still can't... that the total turnaround time was so short, especially given the result.  Even though I was in a hurry to get back out the door, I had to open the box and investigate.  The camera is AWESOMELY restored.  The issue that caused me to send it for repair was the shutter mechanism, which was of course fixed, but everything else about the camera seems to have been tuned up as well.  The knobs turn freely (before, they were stubborn, but I thought that was just how it was), everything looks very clean, and I am so, so thrilled to have it back in working condition.  The repair cost me more than I paid for the camera in the first place, but I absolutely do not regret it.  Instead of buying another, which could have been a dud, I had this one worked on by the man the entire internet recommended so convincingly and now have a camera that I'm calling "good as new."
So, that first daisy jar?  Plus a fixed camera with a viewfinder that is just a dream to look through?  Obviously I was snapping away like crazy Friday morning.
Photo explanations (I don't like to do captions anymore 'cause I don't like the way they look :P)

  1. parallax error.  When I framed the shot that thing under the table (weather sensor) definitely wasn't in the photo
  2.  blue jar, daisies, green bokeh...too much joy
  3. Shot a TTV instagram photo of this scene so if you follow me on there this should look familiar
  4. Overgrown barn & buttercups, while out fetching wine for a work event
  5. loving long grass lately
  6. photo for last week's theme, books/reading
  7. Passed this yellow field on the way to Barboursville Vineyards and *kindly* asked Evin to pull over so I could go nuts with my cameras
  8. " "
  9. " "
  10. A rosebush at the end of every row.  Barboursville Vineyards.  So charming!
  11. The ruins at Barboursville, with a glass of Barbera in the foreground
  12. The Fin, slightly blurry (1/60 is not working for me...need to develop steadier hands) to finish out the roll
I'm ready to shoot medium format all the time.  This may become pricey...better make it count!


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