January 29, 2014

surprise snow

We woke up to a surprise blanket of snow this morning.  The forecast yesterday said maybe a few flurries but not even an inch of accumulation, but to me it looks like there's more snow out there than there was last week, when they predicted 6 inches!  Where we live, I guess it's impossible to predict snowfall.  We live on the eastern side of a mountain, and I think all the snowy weather gets hung up there and not much makes it to us.  I'm not a meteorologist so I'm kind of just guessing.
Anyway, it was a light fluffy snow that blanketed the pines around our house.  A light breeze has been blowing the snow off the branches and it sparkles in the morning sun as it falls.  Like a second, much prettier snow (though it's kind of hard to photograph.  As you can see, I tried).

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