February 15, 2014

the big snow

 Although I'm no longer in school and snow days usually don't mean a day of sledding and fort-building and hot chocolate anymore, I can't help but get excited when I hear about the potential of snow coming our way.  I've become rather skeptical about it, as I have suffered many letdowns in the past, where we get only a fraction of the snow predicted or none at all.  But, the weathermen got it right this time…and it was a big one.  I measured 16" of snow, which fell in less than 24 hours, a little bit before the final snow showers tapered off Thursday evening.  The stuff is so deep it's hard to walk, and Finley (a fairly tall dog) is up to his chest…though he gets so excited he leaps around and doesn't spend much time in one place anyway.  We are so fortunate that our power remained on throughout the storm, as a cold house without means to cook hot food was my biggest concern.  Evin shoveled the heavy snow from our driveway Thursday afternoon and had just finished the chore when a second wave of snow came along and dumped 6 or so inches on top of the existing heaps…but the big, fast-falling flakes sure were pretty to watch!  I snapped a ton of photos from inside the house and finally decided to venture out with my camera just before it got dark.  Friday morning I built a happy little snowman in my garden, because although the snow is beautiful, I am dreaming of spring!

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