January 6, 2014

missing summer

As record low temperatures sweep through the country, I can't help missing the summer.  The other day, Evin and I ate tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch and cracked open a jar of the pickles we made with his grandmother back in August.  I've never really liked pickles but his grandparents like to eat them with sandwiches (on the side) so I gave it a shot.  Maybe it helps that I had a hand in making these... I really like them!  They're bread and butter pickles and due to this year's bumper crop of cucumbers, there were a lot of pickles to be made.  Having a couple of tangy pickles brought back thoughts of summer to go along with our cozy winter lunch.
Apart from canning pickles and black raspberry jelly (yum), Evin and I enjoyed ice cream from Heisler's and walks on the farm (complete with a garden full of sunflowers).  Ah, warmer times…please come back.

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  1. i just about died when i saw all those photos of fresh cucumbers! THAT'S why i miss summer. oh, the food! i've never had homemade pickles but i bet they are fantastic. :)


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