January 9, 2014

the garden's maiden voyage, as seen via iPhone

It's January 9 and I am so done with winter.  While it doesn't quite raise the temperature or bring green back to the landscape, looking at old photos does cheer me up a little bit.  I am so excited for this year's garden (I ordered my seeds this week and picked up some seed-starting supplies at Southern States) and can't wait to try new things as well as build on last year's successes.  I plan to start a few seedlings to grow indoors before spring arrives (greens and herbs) and try my hand at using grow lights so my plants are big and strong when it's finally time to go outside.

1 comment:

  1. I love this post so much, and I am with you on wanting winter gone. I love the snow and cold weather, but I really miss the ability to walk into my backyard and pick something fresh to eat.


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