March 27, 2012

ultra wide

Oh, this little camera.  We have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I LOVE it because it's tiny and light and requires absolutely nothing from me apart from winding the knob to advance the film and pressing the shutter.  No bothering with exposure, no lugging something heavy around, no nothing.  Fits in my pocket and now has an adorable little friendship-bracelet strap, too.  It tends to produce punchy, vignetted shots that are SO toy-camera.  However, I kind of hate it sometimes...I never know if there's enough light to properly expose the photo, and I feel like often I end up with dull images that disappoint.
I guess the "hate" section can be eliminated with practice and experience and a bit of attention paid to what works, though.
This roll of film has been in the camera since late summer (see that one half frame at the very beginning that appears as though it was taken at the beach?  I don't really remember bringing this cam with me to Rehoboth in September, but I guess I did, because that's the only beach I've been to in ages...)  Anyway, the camera sat dormant for months til it came with us to the battlefield park a few weekends ago and the roll was finished up this past weekend at Evin's.  I was partially ensuring it still works, cause I plan on toting it along in Ireland...aaand it appears it does still work alright!  Will just have to make sure I pack enough ISO 400 film (what's the deal with airplanes and ISO 800?  Anyone?) for the trip (this roll was Fuji Superia 400).


  1. The sky shot with the pink tree, the ice cream one right below it, and the bottom one, LOVE LOVE LOVE and I want to share them on Tumblr, but I know how you feel about your photos being shared on Tumblr which is full of dirty photo thieves!

  2. I absolutely love the last one. It's my favourite.

    Love your blog. SO talented!


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