March 29, 2012


  • watermelon.  Refreshing, delicious, sweet, and sooo summery.  What's not to love??
  • Kurt Vonnegut.  It shall be a sad day indeed when I finally finish reading all of his novels.  Thankfully, there's always re-reading (yeah, I've read the Harry Potter series more times than I'd like to admit)
  • brightly colored raincoats
  • seeds!  Several new packets are laying on the counter and I can't wait to make an attempt at gardening...carrots, lettuce, watermelon (!!!), cosmos, sunflowers...I'm sure the list of things I'll attempt to grow doesn't stop there...
  • ice cream cones


  1. Oh my goodness, you went old school with the photo girl! :) I'm so jealous with your ability to read, I keep starting books and not even making it halfway through, unless they are photography books, then I finish them in one day.... As for the seeds, in the words of my good friend you "pics or it didn't happen!"

  2. You are making me ache for summer.. our weather has gone from warm to hot to cold again. :(


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