March 26, 2012

spring green

Weekend photos on film...uploaded on a Monday?  What???  It just so happened that I wrapped up this roll of 36 exposure film last night and had it processed this morning, and was so looking forward to checking it out that I scanned it immediately after getting it home.  This is part of the first roll of color film I've shot with my Minolta seems a bit leaky with light, but I'm ok with occasional leaks.  The weekend was lovely and springy, with plenty of rain which made for cool, green walks in the woods, and we got a bit of sun Saturday afternoon which we enjoyed at the arboretum and ice cream stand (this week's flavor was black raspberry...YUMMO).  We also visited the book fair where I amassed quite the stack of reading material.  There are a few more photos from the weekend on the roll of film shot with my Ultra Wide and Slim, which was also developed today but will be scanned and shared a little later.
Spring is here!  The trees are getting their leaves back and I wouldn't be happier.  My cameras are twitching with excitement.


  1. I love the light in these, and YES! the ice cream! Pretty and subtle springtime colors in these, too. Yay!

  2. That ice cream looks delicious, all we have is Ritas for ice cream now, what's up with that?! My fave is the one of the Dogwood with the raindrop and light leak (or is it a light leak).


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