March 28, 2012

foggy mornings, sunny afternoons

Last week's weather was fantastic and perfect...densely foggy mornings followed by bright, warm afternoons.  What more could I ask for?
These are the other photos from the roll of color film from my Minolta uploaded the other day, the ones that didn't fall in the "I shot these this weekend" category.  Some seem awfully grainy, even though I used 200 speed film...kinda wondering why.  Oh well.  Not too bothered about it.
The second photo--the four leaf clovers--is from St. Patrick's Day (as are the photos directly above and below it).  We found those three, plus two more (less attractive ones) while kneeling in a tiny patch of clover in the park.  Five or ten minutes of searching and all the good luck!  Can you believe it?
The fourth, slightly alarming photo is my deconstructed Yashica, which has been reconstructed and is probably getting sent off to Mark Hama at some point cause I would love need to have it in working order again.


  1. i especially like this batch of photos! the four leaf clovers in the book, the foggy buds and hills, and the wine! oh, the wine. looks so good! i always really admire your film shots. :)

  2. That photo of your poor injured camera is pretty. I hope he is able to fix it up and have it better than new!


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