March 8, 2012


  • Jose Villa--I'm stating the obvious, and I'm pretty sure ANYONE who has seen his work will agree--but I just love what he does.  Just look at this post...those colors and subjects make for the happiest combination I've seen all week.
  • dreaming about Ireland...we booked our tickets the other day (see post) and I'm writing down any and all things in preparation for the trip, even getting suggestions from Irish Twitter accounts...awesome!
  • Horse Feathers...perfect spring music if I do say so myself
  • warm weather and gaining an hour of daylight this weekend!
  • cupcakes on film...I saw this photo earlier this week and it's making me crazy about shooting color film, and of course there's this photo by abbytrysagain with the dreamiest colors, and then that Jose Villa link above features tons of lovely cupcake photos on film..........(originally, this bullet point was just going to be the first photo, but it turns out I really do LOVE cupcakes)

1 comment:

  1. Jose Villa's photography is so beautiful that it has literally brought me to tears before. Did you ever get his book?

    PS I really want some cake!


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