March 22, 2012

things i love (thursday)

  • the smell of dirt...always liked playing in the mud, but Evin and I cleaned out an old herb garden (totally overrun by mint) over the weekend and it was wonderful
  • Draw Something...newly hooked on the game.  I'm 4karlyp on there...just saying.
  • my new dog...and by that I mean he is still the same dog but I can hardly recognize him--he got his hair cut for the first time yesterday and it's SO short and different and he is so tiny without all his fluff!  And sooo velvety soft now.
  • the sound of birds in the morning.  You can capture a lot of things with a camera but this isn't one of them...sometimes I really wish it was though.
  • Kodak Ektar...I have 8 rolls of it left and at the moment nothing to shoot them with (that part doesn't qualify for "things I love Thursday") but I need to figure something out because it's such lovely film!
  • foggy GREEN mornings, because what's a TILT post if I don't use "fog" as a bullet point?  Seriously, it's been so foggy the past 3 mornings and my drive out to work has been so beautiful (and so hard not to stop every 100 yards to take a photo)

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