July 22, 2011

the perfect scoop

It all happened very quickly: Wednesday night we were sitting around, browsing the new Williams Sonoma catalog, dreaming about homemade ice cream, then we were thinking about what our options would be if we actually wanted to buy an ice cream maker (plenty of texts back and forth with a friend who has been making ice cream for awhile now), then deciding that the best option would probably be to get the attachment for the KitchenAid stand mixer...then the next afternoon, my parents turned up after work saying they bought a machine at Costco for $30, I was skeptical because of the low price, but then we went out to Borders and bought The Perfect Scoop, per my friend's recommendation, and then today I gathered ingredients (though I bought heavy cream when the recipe called for half and half...so I mixed it with some milk and hoped for the best) and put together a mixture of chocolate peanut butter ice cream and impatiently waited until it was ready to churn, then impatiently waited for it to finish churning...
Then I ate.
And now I'm full.  Maybe it's because I kept sampling the mixture before it was frozen, or maybe it's because the ice cream is so incredibly rich and decadent, but I can't quite finish even that small bowl shown in the last photo.
I can't WAIT to make more.  There's a raspberry-rosé (and a raspberry-champagne) sorbet that I really want to try...maybe this weekend :)


  1. This looks AMAZING. Gah. I think I need one. Love the photo of all the ingredients, by the way! :)

  2. Oh my I saw that very same book in Borders!!!!!....in Kuala Lumpur :-)


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