July 18, 2011

animals in the city

As I mentioned last week, Evin came to visit this weekend and we took a trip into DC for some summer adventures (we've been to the city a few times now, but it's always been in chilly winter).  Since we always go to the same museums and places, we decided to try some new things--the zoo and the aquarium.  The trip in was quite an adventure, with metro trains full of families and tourists and certain tracks under construction...the journey took longer than usual.  The zoo was crowded and a lot of animals seemed to be hiding, but we did see a few amusing creatures.  Animals are really interesting to watch sometimes.  After the zoo, we had lunch at a diner place and then decided to walk around the National Mall to find something else to do...we ended up at the aquarium which is in the bottom of the Commerce Building.  The coolest things in there were the sea turtles and the poison dart frogs :)
After the aquarium, both of us were complaining quite a bit about our tired feet and decided to head back to the metro station to get the car and find dinner.  We ate at Bonefish Grill and of course ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp...so delicious we actually tried to recreate it yesterday (our version was ok, but of course not the same).
All in all, it was a nice weekend off of work.  I like my job so far, but it's nice to spend time away and even better when it's with Evin.  I guess I didn't really feel like taking that many photos in DC...perhaps I get enough camera work at the restaurant, snapping all those photos of yummy food.

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