July 10, 2011

polaroids in july

'Roid Week starts tomorrow!  I've never really participated before, but after hearing plenty of talk about it followed by some fortunate events today, I'm pretty excited to try to play along.  I brought my Polaroid and some extra film to the lake today just in case I felt inclined to play with it--I did.  I took a few photos of the "garden" in front of the house and then of the butterfly bush before that pack of film was used up. Then, I put in a new pack (expired in 04--I looked) and headed down to the dock to check things out.  When the photos I took down there revealed themselves, I think I smiled really big.  The film was perfect!  Expired and a bit washed out, but notably lacking the yellowish brown hue and the thick bands of uneven color down the sides, I was excited, and I still am!  I have 7 more shots left with this golden pack and I'm hoping the other half of the twinpack is in similar shape for this week full of Polaroids ahead.
The colors seen above aren't quite true to the prints themselves, because the scanner saturated that yellow color and I tried to suck it back out, but then Blogger decided to drain the images even further of color so they look a bit dull.  Anyway, you get the point.  The first three photos were taken with the pack of film already in my camera, and the last three were with the "new" pack.
Can't wait to share more!!

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