July 7, 2011

a day off and Aperture frustrations

Today I had the day off from work, though I didn't do much.  Mom came home early and we dropped by the glassblowing studio to drop off some wine bottles that she wants to have melted into cheese trays sort of like this one:
(via Etsy)
and I knew I should stick my camera in my purse.  I'm glad I did!  The shots I took were stealthy (I didn't know if the owner would yell at me) on my camera's handy Q mode (quiet!) though I'm not sure anyone would have been able to hear the shutter anyway, over the large fan that was blowing.  The first image up there had an obnoxious black wire over the in-focus ball (when shooting from the hip it's hard to avoid these things I guess, plus I didn't notice it at the time) so I undertook the project of cloning it out.  Everything was going great (albeit slowly...thanks Aperture) but then the program started to get really mad at me and progress basically stopped near the bottom.  I got very, very frustrated and decided to just post it as-is because apparently I'm not going to get any cooperation out of the program.
Anyway, after the glassblowing place we went to the eye doctor so I could get my glasses better fitted to my face (for the third time) and to see about a repair on my broken RayBans from the weekend.  Both of my wishes were fulfilled!  My glasses fit great now and the sunglasses are complete with lenses--though the lady who fixed them (coincidentally the lady who re-fitted my regular glasses the second time and didn't end up doing a good enough job, so I had to bring them back today) put the lenses in fine and all but I have a feeling they may start sliding down my face.  I really would rather not go back for a FOURTH visit (all within a month) so I guess I'll see how it goes and figure it out later.

This is getting to be a wordy post.  I'll just say one more thing: I work tomorrow and Saturday night (front of the house) and then Monday morning I'm going in to get down to business about this whole social media thing.  Excited!

OH AND!  I meant to say in this post about how I shot all of these with my 50mm f1.8.  I hardly ever use this particular lens (I'm forever shooting film with a 50mm though) but sometimes, I quite like it.  It's so tiny and light on my camera, too, and the bokeh is such a nice change from what I'm used to with the 35mm f1.8 (which I use because I like to think of it as my digital 50mm--with the crop factor, it's 52mm).  Anyway, yeah, just had to mention that.

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