August 2, 2012


  • peaches
  • wooden signs painted with names of fruits and vegetables, displayed on the side of the road to advertise the offerings at a farm or fruit stand (harder to describe than it should be.  But you know what I'm talking about right?)
  • The July 23, 2012 cover of the New Yorker.  Something I need to keep in mind at all times.  See it (and read a little more) here
  • homemade ice cream
  • the river (I only have proper knowledge of two rivers, both of which I will refer to as "THE" river, but based on those two, I like rivers a lot)
  • SUNFLOWERS!  I have a tall blue mason jar that actually works perfectly for the huge blooms. So gorgeous!

1 comment:

  1. I want some of your homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream... make it happen!


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