August 16, 2012

flowers and countryside

First roll of 120 since returning from Ireland!  May have been slightly mad at the Yashica for those blurry images (which haven't been posted yet) so that could be why it took over a month to shoot and develop a roll.

  1. cut-your-own zinnias, 25 cents/bloom
  2. sunflowers, $1/bloom
  3. butterflies LOVING the zinnias
  4. valley view from the pick-your-own farm
  5. happy jars
  6. painted wooden signs (<3)
  7. farm view (had higher hopes for this shot)
  8. queen anne's lace and the Blue Ridge mountains
  9. swirly vine
  10. abundant black-eyed-susans
  11. crepe myrtles in July
  12. nonexistent 12th photo, even though I shot, Lomo film?  Y U not long enough for 12 photos?


  1. These are beautiful photo's! Great blog post too. :]

  2. I love pretty flowers, especially... no especially, I especially love all of them.

  3. Woohoo! I have to say, it feels good to get back into it, right?


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