August 7, 2012

megan and jim / engaged!

Meet Megan and Jim!  I'm shooting their wedding in October and am so happy we found a moment for an engagement session before the big day.  I have actually known Megan all my life...she's my cousin!  So when she asked me to shoot her wedding long ago, before I had even seriously considered portrait photography or weddings (and before Megan was actually engaged, ha ;), I was taken by surprise, but happily agreed to do it.
Our original plan had been to shoot near a rumored patch of sunflowers, and I love morning light, and Jim and Megan were great sports to go along with my plan of meeting up EARLY.  We met at the location and went in search of the flowers, but they turned out to be looking pretty rough...bummer!  I felt so bad to have dragged them out of bed early to drive all the way to this farm specifically for sunflowers, only to find out that it was not meant to be.  Fortunately, there was a beautiful pond nearby and they'd brought their fishing poles, so plenty of cute photos ensued.  Thanks for keeping good spirits, guys, and I can't wait for October!

*there are plenty more on Facebook!


  1. Oh how cool it would be to shoot a fishing e-sesh!

  2. Karly, you doing portraits makes me happy! :)


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