August 29, 2012

salt air, roll 1

Hello.  I'm back from a week at the beach and I'm busy...but making a bit of time to scan the film I shot, so let's get sharing!
This is a new-to-me film, Fuji Reala 100, purchased when buying another new-to-me pack of Fuji Superia 400.  Neither was terribly expensive, which is ALWAYS good in my book.  Based on this roll, I think I like this film...but that also might just be the punchy scanning job I did (forever trying to figure out how to make nice scans.  Used the backlight correction AND color restoration on most of these which led to the saturated effect, which I don't least in comparison to the totally flat scans I've shared in the past.  Personal preference I guess).  Shot, of course, with my trusty Yashica Mat 124G.

  1. dunes in Corolla
  2. drivin' on the beach in Corolla
  3. floppy hat on the dashboard.  A bit blurry... bumpy truck + 100 speed film + rainy day 
  4. beach end (NC/VA border?  Can't be sure)
  5. reflecty
  6. cloudy shore in Duck
  7. sea oats (LOVE them)
  8. Crab pots in Manteo
  9. Pots & workin' boat
  10. Jockey's Ridge
  11. Trusty Birks on the dune
  12. Vernal pool (temporary pond)

1 comment:

  1. These turned out so amazing! Love all the vibrant colors, makes me want to shoot 120 ;)


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